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Recession-Proof: 10 Things We Can’t Live Without

Rick Newman, U.S News & World Report, reviews a list of surprising necessities we just can’t live without right now. Here are his 10 new American essentials. And, technology is high on the list:

  1. Portable computers
  2. High-speed Internet access
  3. Smart phones
  4. Education
  5. Movies
  6. TV
  7. Music downloads
  8. Pets
  9. Alcohol
  10. Coffee

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Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary Celebrated with Google Doodle

Arrow up, arrow down. Left, right quick. Waka, waka, waka, waka, waka.

Maybe it is all just a game for Web giant Google. But one thing is for sure — they sure know how to celebrate an anniversary. The clever folks at Google presented today’s home page with an interactive Doodle in the style of the wildly popular and addicting video game of the 80’s.

Join the celebration by inserting a coin and playing a game or two.

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The State of Twitter: U.S. Awareness Far Exceeds Use

A new report from Edison Research called Twitter Usage in America: 2010 makes at least one thing abundantly clear — people in the U.S. know about Twitter. What is less clear, and far more significant to marketers, not to mention the future course of Twitter, is do they know what to do with it? Comment […]

ShareThis Upgrades, Gets More Interactive

ShareThis, one the Web’s leading content sharing widgets just got some new upgrades, and they are substantial. Stream is a real-time view of what’s being shared across the Web through the ShareThis community. Think of it like Google’s scrolling real-time search results box or a stream of Facebook updates. For now, it’s only on the […]

100 Million Users Access Facebook via Mobile

A recent entry on Facebook’s official blog states that more than 100 million people are “actively using Facebook from their mobile devices every month.” This figure is growing fast, and it’s not just limited to those entering via a Facebook app on the iPhone and AT&T. From the blog post: “This usage happens on almost […]

Google Acquires Aardvark, Beefs up Social Search?

Google is on a social roll. After announcing social sharing feature Buzz in Gmail, they now have announced the acquisition of Aardvark, a social media search startup. Aardvark is a sort of mashup between services like KGB and Yahoo! Answers. You type a question (from the web, IM, email, Twitter, or iPhone), and Aardvark taps […]