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Top E-Commerce Apps for Facebook

2009 was perhaps the single worst year for e-commerce. Consequently, it was one of the best for those merchants involved in social media. So how does one effectively combine the two for profit and brand awareness? Facebook. Let’s review a few applications that could help your e-commerce venture succeed in the social media space – particularly on Facebook.

Take Cool Content Hot on Facebook: SlideShare is a Web community for sharing presentations. The Slideshare app for Facebook allows users to upload presentations, documents, PDFs, and mp3s into their groups, pages or profiles. This app could be used to show product demos (if available on YouTube), provide product demonstrations or even deliver coupons.

Promotions on Facebook: The Promotions Facebook app lets companies create and promote interactive promotions and marketing campaigns (including contests, sweepstakes, coupons and giveaways) on Facebook Fan Pages. There is a free version available, but the pricing is actually quite modest. White label solutions are available.

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23 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Web Professionals

While you may not be a Chrome user today, perhaps the extensions below will help change your mind. Let’s look at what we consider to be 23 must-have Chrome extensions for Web professionals.

Social Sharing Extensions for Chrome

The Google Share Button enables Web professionals to share web pages to social networks, emails, etc. using the click-to-share button. Again, nothing really groundbreaking, but certainly useful. If the thought of having one Google product embedded in another Google product is too much for you, check out the virtually identical Shareaholic.

SEO Extensions for Chrome

Chrome SEO is an extension that offers some good SEO tools and resources, including how many pages are indexed in current search engines, the number of back-links, current traffic and rankings, bookmarks, cached versions, domain details and a lot more. Chrome SEO  has over 100,000 users, making it one of the most popular extensions in the market. Another extension to provide some useful information on search engine optimization is SEO by Sean Bannister, who also created the Chrome SEO extension. The SEO extension is really just a rewrite of David Naylor’s SEO Playground tool, released as a Chrome extension.

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